P048 Shoftim

Understanding what Adonai likes and truly calls abominable. How our King does not want HIS people loving, celebrating, ANYTHING the pagans do. The theme of this message is judgment and standards as defined by the Word of the Lord. As it is written in Deuteronomy 21:9  "So you shall remove the guilt of innocent blood from your midst, when you do what is right in the eyes of the LORD.” This is the crux of the entire passage even though it appears at the very end of the portion. YHVH established a set of regulations and order that applied to everyone from the king to the priest, to the elders, to the farmer and to the fisherman. All believers who follow the commands of Yehovah are obligated to embody the principles and guidelines set aside from this beginning. Yehovah set himself apart when He gave these commands and precepts. He demonstrated that His ways are not the same as man’s ways. He taught us that He decides all issues of life and death.  He teaches us that we are indeed our brother’s keeper. Every one of us from our leaders to the common man on the street bears responsibility in some way to the life and well-being of others. When someone perishes, everyone must account for that loss. So it is today, that each and every time a person dies unsaved by the blood of Yeshua, everyone in the Body of Yeshua must be held accountable in the eyes of Adonai. Likewise, the members of the Body must be strong and recognize that we cannot be afraid to proclaim sin whenever and wherever we see it. We must not shrink back from declaring the Adonai’s righteousness. We must also be aware that those who willfully disobey Adonai’s commands and refuse His love and promises shall suffer consequences without compromises.  




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