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Shalom, we are "hanisharyim" which means Remnant or those who are left. A non-profit ministry that believes in the Tanakh (Bible) and the writings on Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah.

Hanisharyim, who is the Lara Family, we are a missionary couple, parents of 5 children. My name is Josue "Yhoshua" Lara, born in Manhattan, NY, but grew up in Santiago, Rep Dom. where they also We married my beautiful wife (Ivanna Lara) and my person. I grew up in a Christian home devoted to studying the Scriptures. At 15 years of age on a vacation trip to the United States in 1998, my brother invites me to a meeting of the Church on July 3rd, where I accept to change my life in order to reap the Lord, it is precisely where the missionary adventure begins because to the return from this vacation the mission is to teach my friends that I had learned, even though I am in Spiritual Milk, I proceed to pass on the information already acquired on this trip.

Attending several seminars of different denominations was not enough for the result we are experiencing today, but while the process, it is necessary to make notice to several institutions missionaries such as: Lay Missionaries "MLSC", The Church of God Pentecostal Missionary, The Evangelical Missionary Church, Calvary Ministry and Ministry of Brave Youth, who were schools and on our behalf there is a great love for the leaders, priests, pastors and members who at the time were in charge of these congregations.

At the age of 30, already in the United States studying with my wife the Tanakh, we realize that Lord Yeshua never eliminates the Commandments of God, the Father, but lives them and commands his reapers to make them. Like the rich young man who asks the Rabbi what I must do to be saved? the answer of Yeshua The Messiah was: You know, keep The Commandments... surprise to us because even having read these verses so many times It was always taught that not all commandments had to be kept, and also that if the Lord did not change and His Words were perfect, eternal, then we had to stand in the ways and ask which was the Old Way (Torah) what was said from the beginning. Then we remember even the past of our ancestors, who had come to the island in 1492 having this even more meaning for us being descendants of both my wife and I of Jews, now with an even greater commitment to meet the Son of the Most High, Yeshua of Nazareth.

And it was then in a dream that I had, I was told three (3) times the phrase: "Numbers 15:15" "Numbers 15:15" "Numbers 15:15"! Having no idea what the biblical text said, to my surprise It was when I really and confidently started to proclaim and do things that I thought until now were abolished and others that were only for "The Jews", because even though we call ourselves "imitators of Jesus" We don’t act like what He teaches or what He is, Jew. The story doesn’t end there, because although I thought it was practically something of a personal matter, I didn’t know there were congregations that kept the Fourth Commandment, with the exception of the Adventist Church, of which I have good and faithful friends in Rep Dom. we had already talked about the Sabbath as a biblical day of rest, was when out of "curiosity" I make a search the internet, and I meet with Rabbi Hannun Ben Moshe who spoke of Yeshua "Jesus" as his Lord and Savior, I am impressed that what he had believed for months up to this point was not crazy nor a deviation from the Word but, a truth that by personal neglect of each one, and by paying more attention to the doctrine of men had been lost. We began studying at Beth Goyim Yeshiva, where Glory to God even Having been alone for a few months, it was as if he had removed a blindfold and as if God had downloaded a bookstore into our brains with all the biblical verses.

It was the form of study and returning to the Hebrew roots, gives the Word a more real meaning than the logica Greek we’d met before. Currently haNasharyim wants to take through the music of the brothers and sisters the Scriptures to all using WTRC RADIO to call back to the Ancient Paths and make The Call to the Remnant that Elohim has reserved a remnant who has not bowed to the world. | 973.338.7800  |                                           © 2019-2021 - The Remnants Call