P070 Parash 17 Yitro


Synopsis- Moshe/Moses' father-in-law, Yitro/ Jethro, hears of the great miracles which God performed for the people of Israel, and comes from Midian to the Israelite camp, bringing with him Moshe/Moses' wife and two sons. Yitro/ Jethro advises Moshe to appoint a hierarchy of magistrates and judges to assist him in the task of governing and administrating justice to the people.

The Children of Israel camp opposite Mount Sinai, where they are told that God has chosen them to be His "kingdom of priests" and "holy nation." The people respond by proclaiming, "All that God has spoken, we shall do."

On the sixth day of the third month (Sivan), seven weeks after the Exodus, the entire nation of Israel assembles at the foot of Mount Sinai. God descends on the mountain amidst thunder, lightning, billows of smoke and the blast of the shofar, and summons Moshe to ascend.

God proclaims the Ten Commandments, commanding the people of Israel to believe in God, not to worship idols or take God's name in vain, to keep the Shabbat, honor their parents, and not to murder, commit adultery, steal, bear false witness or covet another's property. The people cry out to Moshe that the revelation is too intense for them to bear, begging him to receive the Torah from God and convey it to them.


Theme & Message The focus of this lesson is the order of God’s kingdom. There is no other god before Him. Before any person, family, tribe, or nation can begin to realize the peace and prosperity of the kingdom the Lord has created, they must first recognize the power, supremacy and omnipotence of the one true God. Before we can draw near to him, before we can learn about Him, before we can learn His ways, we must fear and respect Him. God’s order among men begins with the choosing of leaders in spiritual teaching and government. Once we place the Lord above all other gods in our hearts, He will show us His ways, and teach us His commandments. It is through this process that we will belong to the Lord and share in the riches and the abundance of His kingdom.


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